Tasman Darts Association

0400 387 344
[email protected]

The Darts Association has a number of clubs on the Tasman. The season kicks off in May and new players of all ages are always welcome. Competition occurs across the Tasman at various venues. The Facebook site Tasman Darts Association can provide more information.

‘Nubeena Crays’ play at the Nubeena Recreation Ground – contact Mathew Sharman on 0409 502 243

‘Benchwarmers’ & ‘Warmbenchers’ play out of the Port Arthur Recreation Ground – contact Glen West on 0400 387 344

‘Arrows’ play out of Porth Arthur Golf Club – contact Paula Parkinson on 0427 880 722

‘Pirates’ play out of the Lufra Hotel – contact Sean Hills on 0458 551 849

Tasman Ex-Services Dart group play at their Club – contact Geoff Low on 0407 704 108

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