BEST Employment Hub
Visiting the Tasman fortnightly on a Thursday from 11am-1pm. Call to book appointments.
Looking for work: Call Olivia 0458 953 324
Looking for workers: Call Martin 0484 257 332

Business & Employment Southeast Tasmania (BEST) is a free community designed program, providing a localised, flexible, person-centred approach to delivering employment services to the community (including community members who may not be receiving Centrelink benefits).

Business and Employment Southeast Tasmania (BEST) are part of the Regional Jobs Hub Network.

The program is designed to link local people with local jobs and assist community members on their individual journey to further education and training and/or employment, including linking people with other services.  

Our Jobs Hub also provides free recruitment services for local employers to help find that “right fit”.

We are based in Sorell and our Region extends over the four Council areas of Clarence City, Sorell, Tasman and Glamorgan Spring Bay from Swansea South.

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